Our mission at the Association of Cryptocurrency Education is to connect students with professionals while empowering interested minds. We strive to create a financial technology community focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, all while fostering an environment that allows for education, growth, and opportunity.

Upcoming Events

Below you can read about upcoming events in the blockchain community. All UCF students, industry professionals, and other interested parties are welcome to come out to learn, network, and explore upcoming opportunities within the industry.


  • Location: BA1 130a
  • Time:6:00pm


Details Coming Soon
  • Details coming soon for Fall 2019


  • Location: Details Coming Soon
  • Time:8:30am


  • Details coming soon for Fall 2019

Our Sponsorship Packages

At this current stage in our development, we do not require dues, instead we rely on generous sponsorship from outside parties. Our goal is to provide education to as many interested minds as possible. We receive limited funding from UCF's Student Government Association, and for outside sponsors, we have packages available which are detailed below.


Basic brand presence in organization


Ability to speak at events and request specified member data


Access to full member database


Full organization implementation and participation


Our Team

Meet the team that is making it happen.

Zachary Gettis
Co-Founder, President
Eric Lenson
Co-Founder, Vice-President
Tamim Daly
Chief Financial Officer
Camilo Marulanda
Organization Development Representative /Event Management
Abhi Sastri
External Chair
Corey Lanzing
Special Projects Manager
Donald Friend
Chief Administration Officer
Mike Pape

Our Sponsors


Our Story

Back in early 2017, our team was informed about Bitcoin from an investment perspective. As with many others, our skepticism was very high at first but it was not until we had read the bitcoin white paper and started to comprehend the underlying technology that the true potential for blockchain started to present itself. It wasn’t long before we began to invest hours into understanding the future of our economy. From there, we recognized the overall benefit for the community if more students like us were aware of this upcoming economic shift. Since then, our team has been working diligently to create, develop, and evolve.

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided general information about ACE and how to get involved.

ACE stands for The Association of Cryptocurrency Education, however, we are not restricted to only cryptocurrencies and in fact, reach many aspects of financial technology as a whole.

Our primary goal at ACE is to connect students with relevant professionals pertaining to the industry. By joining ACE, you will have the opportunity to network with a variety of firms, small and large, as well as receive fundamental education to further take advantage of those provided opportunities. Furthermore, students will also have the chance to view and understand the extent of the local community within the scope of financial technology.

Here at ACE, we understand that there are many different levels of educated students in the community and do not want to exclude anybody while achieving our goal. With that said, students do not need to know anything about blockchain, cryptocurrencies or fin-tech to join, as we will be offering opportunities for beginners and those with advanced knowledge on the subject as well.

Starting Summer 2019, we will be initiating a point system for due paying members. This point system will determine what members qualify to attend our more exclusive events or conference trips based on their commitment to the organization. We generally offer 1 to 2 meetings a week, however, we are working on rolling out more offerings and opportunities as the year progresses. In summary, you will get out what you put in from our organization.

All of our relevant information will be channeled through our website and social media platforms. Attending our meetings during the Spring 2019 semester will give you the chance to be included in our mailing list which will keep you informed on all relevant information to stay involved. Starting Summer 2019 our primary members will have to submit dues and agree to student member terms.

As of today, we not currently require membership dues and instead focus on maximizing the reach and exposure of the organization. However, starting Summer 2019 we will initiate due requirements for members at a more than fair rate for what we are providing.

Attending meetings, signing up for our mailing lists and staying active on our media platforms.


Contact ACE

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.